Our Team


Our immigration consultants and recruitment experts are ready to share their expertise with you. Multidisciplinary team, familiar with the workings of the concerned Administrations. The latter is managed by Sariaka RANDRIANARISOA 

Sariaka Randrianarisoa


Sariaka Randrianarisoa is holder of a Master’s degree in Private Business Law from the Catholic University of Madagascar, a Master’s degree in Contract Law and Business Practice and a Master’s degree in Business Law and Taxation, respectively issued by the University of Paris II and the University of Paris I. She has been managing HK-LOG SERVICES since its inception. She has developed immigration activities in which she excels at having handled more than 15,000 files with her team. More recently she has specialized in recruitments of qualified and other staffs.



With 12 years of experience as an immigration consultant, Daudet RANAIVOSOA is an expert in the workings of Administration. A graduate in Management, Corporate Communication and English, he is also bilingual French and English. Dynamic, facilitator at heart and strongly involved in the work, he is managing the staff of the «Immigration» department. As an expert technician in immigration, Daudet participated in the preparation and negotiation of a facilitation agreement in immigration that took into consideration the imperatives of all stakeholders. This allowed him to be a serious and reliable interlocutor for the different concerned Ministries.

A result-oriented and very proactive person, he is a real asset in terms of efficiency in the management of the missions and projects entrusted to him. He is appreciated by the countless expatriates he has assisted for his availability, his seriousness and his interpersonal qualities.



Rachel RAHARINIRINA holds a Graduate Diploma in International Trade from ISCAM. She also attended a training on the Agile/Scrum approach by ACPE Madagascar. With 15 years of professional experience in the field of administration, cash management and finance, she knows how to bring valuable inputs from the tools and know-how provided by her trainings to carry out the tasks entrusted to her. As Administrative and Financial Coordinator of HK-LOG SERVICES, she ensures with integrity and involvement the administrative tasks and the daily financial operations.

She is in charge of the administrative interface with customers, suppliers and financial institutions. With an excellent organizational skill and a proven sense of planning in the execution of work, she participates in financial and accounting audits, ensuring the regular management of the company. Rigour, integrity and transparency are Rachel’s characteristic traits.

Herizo Rakotojaona


Herizo Rakotojaona holds a Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Development, Professional Training in Social Work and Development (first cohort) at the Department of Sociology, University of Antananarivo. He has carried out many practical internships in different fields and entities at the urban and rural level (Hospital, association, NGO, Department of the Ministry of Interior and Decentralization/EDBM).

He joined HK-LOG SERVICES in October 2009 and is in charge of the daily tasks for the implementation of the administrative procedures at the different concerned ministries until the obtaining of visas (transformable/long stay/extension of tourist visa. Young, dynamic, organized, versatile and with a strong sense of customer service, Herizo Rakotojaona ensures his missions with efficiency. With excellent interpersonal skills, he has mastered the inner workings of the administration and has developed a network of contacts enabling him to quickly solve the most complex or urgent situations. Herizo is our facilitator, a serious and professional asset in the field of immigration.



Lalaina RAMAHENINAVANANA holds a Master’s degree in Private Law from CNTEMAD and a Bachelor’s degree in English from the Department of English Studies at the University of Antananarivo. She has also completed training in leadership, journalism and personal development.

Lalaina RAMAHENINAVANANA has more than 10 years of experience in the field of immigration counselling. She excels in facilitating the obtaining of work permits for expatriates who want to work in Madagascar and advises our clients on immigration procedures and labour legislation. Her interpersonal skills helped build a good relationship with departmental officials. Her voluntary, proactive and result-oriented nature is particularly appreciated by our clients and by the Administration, to whom she provides effective assistance in the field for a very rapid processing of expatriates’ application files.



RAHAMELSON ANTONIO IRIANTSOA, holder of a Master I in Private Business Law from the University of Antananarivo and a professional Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication of Companies from the National Center for Distance-Learning in Madagascar. He joined HKLOG SERVICES as Operations Officer in August 2018. His interpersonal skills helped build a good relationship with departmental officials. Young, dynamic, reactive and organized, he mainly deals with applications for boarding agreements ; preparation and checking, submissions, follow-up of files, extensions of receipts.

His proficiency in English and French allows him to provide real assistance to expatriates until obtaining visas (transformable/long stay).